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  1. My SSD suddenly did not appear in windows after multiple short-lived failures in the past, so I didn't think much of it and repeated the same things I had done before to attempt to fix it (turned the system off entirely, unplugged and replugged in both the power and sata cable for the ssd, and then rebooted). After this, I decided to flash my BIOS with the latest update seeing as I haven't done so before, and after doing so my SSD appeared in the BIOS, so I figured it was working now, but after booting into windows, it wasn't listed in my file explorer, so I went into disk management to see if it was in there, and although it was there, it didn't have any real data that windows could see, and it would give me an error saying that the drive didn't exist whenever I would attempt to initialize it or anything. After rebooting many more times, and replacing the data cable, and trying different sata ports on my mobo, it only got worse, and eventually it just stopped showing up in my BIOS altogether. Weirdly enough, it still shows up as Disk 1 in disk management in windows, although with no information again, and lacking the ability to even initialize it now. I would expect some kind of failure if I were using the drive to constantly fill it with different information, but I barely ever added data to the drive unless it was game downloads, or the occasional recordings of me and some friends. The drive is also not even two years old yet, as I bought it January 4th 2019, but the first problems emerged around May 15th of this year, in fact, it's still covered under warranty, but I would like to at least recover some of the data off of it if possible, seeing as I had a lot of clips and things on there that I hadn't even begun to put into projects yet. TL;DR my SSD already was having issues before, but now I think it's dead as it doesn't even show up in the BIOS anymore, but I don't believe I did anything to fuck it up