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  1. agree.. if I get 144fps on highest settings I’m gonne be happy with it maybe raytracing on would be more fun
  2. Thats 10 fps+- Some games but that is 1080p
  3. Hello I have a few questions, i have an 6950x at 4.5ghz stable paired with an strix oc 1080ti. and I playing on a 3440x1440p 144hz monitor. I ordered an asus strix oC 3080 so my question is will my system then bottleneck? I play now for example cod everything maxed out only for shadows on low and getting 80-100 fps my cpu is running around 30/40% and my gpu 97/100% hope Someone can help me out and give me a good explanations my system specs are asus rampage 10 edition with ek monoblock Intel i7 6950x @4.5ghz stable corsair vengeance lpx 8x8gb @3200mhz corsair rm1000i onboard corsair mp510 1tb asus hyper m.2 x16 card v2 4x mp510 1tb raid