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  1. Yeah, the fold-away part's rather important to me/what I'm trying to figure out - so like, that but telescoping? (there are some systems for gas lift monitor stands embedded in furniture, for instance - so something like that but a bit more compact and with the ability to swing out from the side of the couch in some way) I've considered a welded steel solution - mucked around in some CAD software doing some fairly crappy designing... https://cad.onshape.com/documents/ec9f4be9fd79bfc13bec80d6/w/5528d6fb7011603682e03b16/e/41b9179d5f4f49f0fbd55e8c - doesn't have any mechanism to make it easy to open/close, and never got around to the necessary hinge-y bits to actually be able to swing it around in front of the couch DOM? & yeah, definitely considered using the couch as part of a counterweight/system to hold such a thing up/down given the off-center weight of having the screen swing out over the couch. I wouldn't really object to https://www.jefftk.com/p/folding-couch-monitor if I happened to have a wall closer to my couch..
  2. Anyone know of cases with this layout: https://www.sfftec.com/product-page/z-case-p50-v1-1 (more common SFF layouts I've seen either wrap-around, placing motherboard and GPU back-to-back (like Dan Cases A4: https://www.dan-cases.com/dana4.php ), or flat but opposite facing (so must be a tower, really - or raised up off the table at least) like the Zaber Sentry http://zaber.com.pl/sentry/ - CPU facing one side, CPU facing the other) What I'm really dreaming of is a fairly flat & wide custom build - something like the P50 but with a 2x120 or 2x140 radiator outside the case (on the "front" (relocate the power button to somewhere else) so it's a flat layout, rectangular, maybe 2/3rds+1/3rd or half/half componentry and radiator). Ideally, I'd love to be able to have this laying flat (componentry facing to the sky) as, say, a coffee table surface - or upright (like the P50 is shown) maybe wall-mounted with enough distance to intake air behind it through the fans pushing out through the radiator...
  3. I like to sit on my couch and use my laptop, but it's not very ergonomic. So I'd like, ideally, a fold-away monitor stand (for a fair sized monitor - 24-27"?) that can sit next to the couch. Think something like a big version of those armrest fold-out screens on planes. Some previous posts here that seem to discuss similar goals: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/594489-monitor-on-couch/ https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1225423-rotating-vesa-monitor-stand-that-can-rotate-180-degrees-above-the-head-on-a-stand-behind-a-couch/ And elsewhere: http://www.overclock.net/t/1058022/computer-room-living-room-monitor-arms http://lumberjocks.com/scrollgirl/blog/29686 (seems the people willing to accept the less-than-ideal aesthetics of using a traditional monitor arm on a living room end table are those in couples where both people are similarly interested in gaming from their couch - guessing people in asymmetric gaming couples would have a harder time selling the "hey, we'll just have a computer monitor mounted to the end table" to their non-or-less-gaming partner) Anyone seen this done in a more polished fashion? Thought about this/have ideas? (by complete dream-style idea (maybe I'll eventually commission someone to either do the whole thing, or at least help with practical design considerations) would be something cantilevered/counterweighted/spring loaded/using gas lifts (like car trunk lids) so it's easy to raise/unfold and lower back out of the way)