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  1. UPDATE: I disabled hardware acceleration in google chrom and YouTube started to work again so does twitch and netflix. However video files on my pc still show no image when playing audio works fine. UPDATE: having narrowed down to hardware acceleration at least having a suspicion there I went ahead and had nvidia experience reinstall the latest driver and it fixed the issue. turned hardware acceleration back on on chrome to check if it’s also having the same effect and yes video playback works again. if anyone reading this could let me know if there is a way that I can have windows repair itself if it finds any issues? Like a integrity check? As while I don’t think there are any other issues I wanna make sure if it’s possible
  2. Hello everyone sorry if my post isn’t fitting forum rules etc to a tee, new here. so I used to use throttlestop to keep my laptops cpu clocks down at 3.4 ghz to prevent overheating. I’d game at 65-75 on the cpu which I was very comfortable with. i was updating drivers from nvidia experience so I thought I should get all my windows updates done aswell. after updating my bios curtesy of asus also updated and I went from bios 305 to 306. Problem was because intel had another “liability” they had to block off control of cpu settings that throttle stop and xtu used so I could t keep my temps low anymore. I decided I’d downgrade the bios to 305, went to asus website found the 305 bios for my laptop model and used winflash alongside cmd prompt, to prevent winflash from realizing I was flashing older bios, and downgraded. Everything was fine after trying to see if o could change clock speeds with throttlestop, which worked, I decided to give the system a restart to make sure everything just started fresh. on startup my laptop went to BIOS screen and updated itself back to 306 so I gave up on the whole downgrading. my problem now is video playback doesn’t work, not only on web browsing such as YouTube or twitch but also local video files there’s audio but no video. also when dragging windows around they start off smooth but they lag behind and have this like slow motion effect. Any help is appreciated sorry for any typos UPDATE : went through to check windows update finished them all and the lagging windows are no more but there is still no video playback from files or YouTube videos or twitch or Netflix etc I get audio just fine. Tried launching Minecraft to see if that works and it’s running fine no problems.