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  1. So i'm upgrading my pc soon and the new motherboard I'm getting has support for two nvme m.2 drives. I'm looking for a 500gb ssd and a 1 tb ssd. Any good suggestions that keep at a cool, temperature?
  2. So i'm getting 250 gb ssd for my computer but the thing is is that I already have all of my games and software on my hdd. is there a way to just move windows 10 over to the ssd and keep all of my data on the hdd?
  3. So I'm thinking about upgrading my 2700X to a Ryzen 3700X cpu but i'm not sure if my MotherBoard will support a 3700x processor. The board is a B450 Tomahhawk and it says it has support for 3rd gen Ryzen cpus but pc part picker says that i might have to update my board's BIOS and i'm not exactly sure that it will work. If anyone could give me some helpful tips or pointers that would be amazing.