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  1. Hello guys! This is my first post, thanks in advance for any insight. The issue I have is the following: I bought two identical PC's, one for myself and one for my wife. We decided to go with mini-ITX because it would fit nice in our entertainment room, and I'm pretty happy with the result for now. However, I ran in major issue when starting up the PC's. The power supply shuts off as soon as I'd launch any game or sometimes even sign in into Windows and caused the PC to restart. Tried everything and couldn't make it work. Please note I assembled the 2 PC's and both would do the same thing. Here are the builds: Core i7 10700K GTX 2080super Aorus z490i NZXT h200i Kraken X53 +2 out-take fans 2 NVME hard drive (samsung 970) P750GM power supply Here are the steps I've followed: - Remove part by part and see what might cause the issue. the pc would work fine without the GPU. - tried 3 different GPU's and all would do the same result. Restart whenever I'd start a game. - reinstalled windows and checked all drivers to make sure it wasn't the cause. - Lowered the clock on both PC to -1000hz and the problem was still there but a little better (instead of crashing right away, it would crash when I'd load within the game to start playing, meaing the menu would work) - I finally changed the PSU's and IT WORKED right away! However the PSU's I had are older models with less wattage, I'd rather install the P750GM or a similar product to get better airflow in the very small cases... I came to the conclusion the PSU's are the cause, and would shut off as a protection when more energy was needed. It does feel weird 2 brand new PSU's that are well rated and Gold standard would BOTH be faulty. I'm wondering if it could be something I'm missing ? I wonder if there is some kind of setting on a PSU I wouldn't know about ? (probably not) Small detail: the PSU fans would start and stop, but I think it's normal on this model. Any insight would be super appreciated. Thanks, Marc