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  1. That's cool and all, but I actually meant how x86 programs can't access more than 2GB of memory.
  2. is that x86 version gonna work for a x64?
  3. Hello, I recently got a new PC and want to test my RAM if it is operating properly, no bad sectors (or whatever) and basically validate it isn't defective and work as it should to the max. The only testing tool I know is Memtest, but afaik it is only for 32bit systems, while mine is 64bits. Anyone know of a good RAM testing/diagnostic tool?
  4. uhm, it says 3Dmark basic is supposed to be free but in steam there is no free option? Am I doing something wrong or are both 3Dmark and PCmark paid only?
  5. Hello, Mr. Lord I haven't experienced any issues but I haven't run anything GPU-intensive, either. So I'd like to test the video card to see if it overheats or in any other way fails when within normal working parameters. I'll check those two out, thanks!
  6. welp, seems I can't delete this, sorry for the clutter!
  7. I recently bought a "AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, 8GB, Gigabyte Gaming OC, GDDR6, 256bit, Display Port, HDMI" and ordered the company that sold me all my PC parts to assemble it and I want to test it if it's OK. Can you suggest any software that would test if the card is OK? I don't know much about this stuff, so I guess it's performance must be tested because it looks assembled right but like I said - I'm a complete n00b at this.