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  1. Thank you for your answer. In one room there is a internet router, that has been provided by the internet provider. This router is not powerful enough to supply the entire house with wifi. So my plan is to install an old Nighthawk AC 2900 R7000 that I have in surplus, after I bought a newer router. My plan is then to use the nighthawk as an extender for the internet router supplyed by the internet provider. BUT my Mom is not happy with having a whole in the wall, so my plan is to extend/repeate the signal from the router from the internet provider through wifi alone. I hope to do this by installing the nighthawk midtway in the building.
  2. It's to late, I Installed advancedtomato on it, because the stock firmware, couldn't handle running a VPN and had issues with external access, which I needed for a project... But I haven't been able to reinstall the old firmware.
  3. I wish to repurpose my old Netgear hawking AC 2900 R7000 into a WIFI extender for my folks, so they can get better WIFI in another room without have to pull new cables. My question is just, how do I do this in the best way, and what settings do I need to change / setup in advancedtomato, to make this work? I hope you guys can help, I’m not that sharp in this area.