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  1. @Smit Devrukhkar I have seen here that a guy made it because the socket is indeed a PGA. I am wondering if someone knows about BIOS compatibility issues with better processors compared to the highest supported one i7-3520M. Giving a try to an higher one costs about 130 $ more.. @Applefreak Thank you for your explanation! I was really hoping/wishing it could be possible to use the high-end i7 listed there. I have googled around for BIOS compatibility problems with L530, but I couldn't find any reference. Most of what's happening is about the T series (customized BIOS especially). From your experience, would you try some CPU in the same series although not officially supported by Lenovo? My present CPU is a i5-3210M working at 35 W (as well as the highest officially supported i7-3520M) and I am a bit worried about 30%-40% more heat with an higher i7.
  2. Hi all! I am quite new here :) What has to be checked to understand if my LENOVO L530 2841 gs (here the specifications of the components) can be upgraded with either a i7 3940 XM (4 core - 55 W) or a i7-3840QM (4 core 45 W)? The most powerful processor that has been used origianlly is a Intel Core i7-3520M. In general, what do I need to check to be sure of the compatibility(sockets, BIOS, etc.. )? Is perhaps possible to How can I calculate if my cooling system is powerful enough? Thank you!