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  1. I have plans to build a new computer with new ryzen 5900x, Asus x570 tuf plus, Asus RTX 3080 tuf, a 360 AIO (prob corsair elite capellix), 8 fans in the case. So based on this: I have a Seasonic Focus Plus gold 650w in my old computer. Do I need upgrade it for the new computer if also I want to do a moderate overlock to CPU/GPU??
  2. Soo if im willing to pay 34€ more the HX is superior to the rev df and rest of PSUs in my list for ampere right?
  3. HX850 non "i" version is around 34€ more expensive (174€) than the revolution df 850w (140€). Is it much better than the revolution to pay 34€ more?? it will work with ampere and no trips?
  4. I found the Enermax Revolution D.F. 850w in local online stores here in my country, im from Europe. So the revolution D.F. is not an old unit and/or trips paired with ampere like prime/px, focus, formula?? and what do you think about the Corsair HX850 compared to the revolution??
  5. It's confusing because many people recommends the Corsair RMs and HXs over the rest and about the Cooler Master V850, tomshardware review recommend other PSUs like the HX, AX, Seasonic focus platinum... and also I read another user talking about transient sensitivity (read above) and not recommending the Seasonic Prime or PX for the new 3080 GPU lol.
  6. I picked the HX850 over the HX850i version in my list because the price diference is around 50€-60€, I guess it's the same performance and only change is the software control in the "i" version right?
  7. And what do you think about the CM V850 and the 16 AWG pcie thicker cables guys?
  8. I read one user @GoldenLag not recommending the Seasonic PX and/or Prime and talking about transient sensitivity here: I guess the HX850 will be good also then
  9. I was reading for hours the PSU tier list and trying decide what is the best PSU for my future build with ryzen "4000" series and rtx 3080. I was thinking pick one from here: Coolermaster V850 Platinum (maybe the 16 AWG thicker pcie cables help?) NZXT E850 Bitfinex Whisper 850 Corsair HX850 Seasonic PX850 Platinum Or maybe wait to Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 12? Or you can give me a diferent option guys I know every pick here will be a right choice but I would like pick the best option here and why even if it's an small diference. Also another question, multi-rail or single-rail is relevant to check or it doesnt matter?