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  1. Yes, it won't hurt to buy a new one. Thanks for all the help
  2. hm, I haven't thought of that... I know the GPU needs more power, but I didn't know the power consumptions of 160GB and 1TB are that different. Ok then, could you recommend a PSU?
  3. I got a keyboard and here is the situation: with CPU, mobo, Ram and SSD - posting and I could actually use my PC with CPU, mobo, RAM, SSD and the 160GB HHD - system starts REALY slow if at all and the HDD doesn't spin, just makes vibrations every 2 seconds and it is not recognized with CPU, mobo, RAM, SSD and 1TB HDD - it does not start at all, turns on for a sec and then turns off with CPU, mobo, RAM, SSD and GPU - it does not start, turns on for a sec and then turns off Everything was packed very good, so I doubt that the GPU and HDDs are broken, I think it might be the motherboard, any thoughts?
  4. I'll find a USB keyboard and update you/ask you when I have more info, thanks!
  5. It's your method, yes, but here is the funny part...my keyboard is Bluetooth and therefore, not working.... ok, lets assume I have a keyboard. After I press F1 and I have connected my boot drive, what's next? Won't it gust crash again after I connect everything else?
  6. Yes, it posts! It says: BIOS Date: 07/11/2012 11:02:09 H61M DGS UEFI P1.40 CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 Total memory: 7934MB CMOS Date/Time Not Set Press F2 or DEL to Run Setup Press F1 to Continue if I have to be honest, I don't know what to press:D
  7. The standoffs were already mounted in the case and I tried several combinations with the front panel connectors just in case, but still nothing. I've read I should replace the CMOS battery, but I don't have where to by one now.
  8. Hi guys, I know this is a lame problem, but it's a bit weird in my case. So, I had to move and I disassembled the PC (it was a working PC and I packed everything in original boxes), ordered a new case for the new place (couldn't take the old one with me) and put it back together. My specs are: Mobo - Asrock H61M-DGS CPU - Intel I3 or I5 I can't remember right now GPU - Asrock Radeon RX550 (6 months old) PSU - Aerocool VX PLUS 500 (6 months old) RAM - Fury Hyper X 8GB (6 months old) SSD -Team group 60GB HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 160GB and 1TB (1TB 6 months old) Case - Master Cooler MB311L ARGB It's an old system, but I use it for work and it gets the job done. Here is the problem: the system boots up with mobo, RAM, CPU, SSD and HDD 160GB, but no matter what I connect next, it's gets in a boot loop. Lights up, shuts down, 5 seconds nothing and same thing again over and over. I checked all connectors, cleared the CMOS, checked for dust and particles, switched RAM slots but I can't get it going. Any advice would be helpful!