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  1. Thanks for your answer man. Infortunately I didn't saw it on time and use a software to retrieve the data in RAW mode (got the files but without any names which is almost the same thing as losing it tbh) and formatted the unit. I wish I saw this earlier...
  2. Hi guys, I bought a new SSD but is wasn't getting recognized. I shutdown my computer, unplugged one of my HDD's and plugged the SSD in. Booted the computer and saw it was getting recognized. It was good news. Once again, I turned off the computer, unplugged the SSD and plugged back the HDD. The problem was that the HDD was no longer working as it was before. It was getting recognized as RAW. This very HDD was my storage unit, where all the files from /Desktop, /Documents, etc were storaged. Basically I lost every single piece of data that I had. In the Disk Manager it shows one partion as missing (basically the position the HDD was ocuppying) and the same HDD as RAW. What should I do?