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  1. Okay I hooked everything up with the speaker installed, it's giving me 1 long 2 short, which is supposed to mean videocard memory error. Which makes absolutely no sense to me, since the card works without issue with my existing setup, and the error occurs regardless of whether I use the 4.0 x16 slot going through the CPU or the 3.0 x4 slot going through the chipset.
  2. Thanks chief, for some reason the paper manual that came in the box only mentions/details JFP1. Got some coming from Amazon today so we'll see if that provides any extra info.
  3. I'll be honest, it's been so long since I've had to deal with beep codes I'm not even sure where you'd plug one in on a modern motherboard. There's nothing in the documentation about it. Any ideas?
  4. Could really do with a hand, I'm getting no signal to my monitor when I try to start my new rig, can't enter BIOS to set the windows install USB(or rather, I can't tell if I've successfully entered the BIOS or not). MSI B550 Tomahawk, 3600x, 32gb Teamforce Vulkan 3200mhz RAM, Corsair RMx750 PSU, GTX 1080. I've tried an alternate monitor, alternate cables, different ports on the graphics card, different RAM configurations(normal furthest-with-a-gap, the reverse, next to each other in all possible ways, and both sticks tested singly in every slot), I used the single bifurcated PCIE cable that came with the PSU and is ostensibly the standard, I used both bifurcated PCIE cables but only the primary connector of each, and I switched back to my old 750w EVGA PSU with two single PCIE cables for the GPU. The CPU was fine when I opened it a couple of days ago, no bent pins, and I installed it according to the instructions without issues. Every single time the machine starts up, it cycles through the diagnostic LEDs(CPU, MEM, GPU, BOOT) and stays on BOOT, which is expected without a proper boot drive. All case fans work, the GPU is lit and does its normal test spin of the fans, and the Wraith cooler that came with the CPU is spinning fine. I know the graphics card isn't the problem, because it's from my previous rig and I'm using it again right now on that to type this. I'm genuinely at a loss.