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  1. Yeah mb, it is one loop. I think what I meant was like which order should I place the radiators in, if I first have the gpu then the cpu. But I assume that doesn't really matter (or at least i think I saw a video from jayztwocents where he said it wasn't too important). I'm not sure if my motherboard has a temp probe header, I had a look at the specifications on their site (the msi creator trx40) but I didn't see one, unless I wasn't looking properly. If you think one 360 and one 240 won't be enough then I think the only solution for me would be to upgrade my case to one that supports two 360mm rads, as my current one only supports one afaik.
  2. Thanks for the information. I still need to look into fittings a bit more as there are so many different types, and yeah they are definitely not cheap. I think 4-5 2 packs of hard tubing should hopefully be enough, as it will leave room for error, but I might get even more to be on the safe side. I was considering going for 2 360mm radiators, but the problem is my case (Corsair 750D airflow) only supports one 360mm afaik.
  3. Hey, I'm thinking of doing a custom water cooling loop for the first time this christmas, and I am a bit stuck on some of the parts. I will be cooling a 3960x threadripper alongside a strix 3090, and I have decided I will be getting a 360mm radiator and a slightly thicker 240mm radiator. What I am unsure of is whether I should use the 360mm radiator on the 3090 or the 3960x, as the 3960x also draws quite a bit of power. Another thing I am unsure of is whether the pump/res combo i have selected (EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi) is going to be sufficient. Below I listed the parts I currently have selected for the loop. Thanks in advance!