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  1. It's for a video rendering machine, because the RTX 3090 size takes up triple slots. Which doesn't leave room for an internal video capture card and the rest of the components. I can free up room if I can use an eGPU enclosure and install a Thunderbolt card. That leaves room for a Liqid Honey Badger AIC storage Card as well. The motherboard is the Gigabyte TRX40 Designer with 256GB of RAM. Considering will have over 16k invested in this build don't mind paying a premium on something custom for the GPU
  2. Does anyone know if there are any companies out there that will build custom eGPU enclosures? Trying to find someone that will design and build one for a RTX 3090.
  3. It's a 24 core 3960X, the Honey badger is 8x 2TB using RAID 10, with 256GB of 3200 RAM, and the machine will be used for large file rendering of 4k video.
  4. I'm about to build a video rendering Computer using an RTX 3090, Honey badger AIC card, on an Aorus extreme motherboard, the case is a Coolermaster Cosmos C700M. As far as airflow would it be better to put the AIC card on the top PCIe slot or bottom?
  5. I'm currently specking a work build for a video rendering machine. Originally we were going to use a Honey Badger AIC card But the user felt guilty spending 4200.00 so we down graded to the Aorus gen 4 AIC Adapter. The Honey badger had built in hardware raid where the Aorus does not. The question is can more than one raid (software) be built on the Aorus card?