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  1. ok so 2 questions if i had to update the bios do i need to conect it to a monitor and a mouse to do something manualy ? and second how do i know if the motherboard comes with the bios that supports the cpu
  2. ok so just to make sure i can just put my psu and motherboard on the case and plug in the 24 pin and the 8 pin and then put the usb on the motherboard and by pressing the flash button the bios should be updated?
  3. wait so i can build the new pc without installing the cpu and then updating the bios with a usb and the flashback button? @Haro
  4. so i want to hopefully build a new pc when the 5600x comes out but idk how to update the bios for 5000 series cpu if i dont have another cpu. and i just cant find how to on google also: im going to be using a b550 motherboard
  5. i finally got new ram my fps increased like by 20 % and i have had less freezing but for some reason my pc still doesnt perform how it should maybe its because i have something configured in some wierd way idk
  6. i think i will go for like full black 1 question how does this thing of the 3080 beeing able to take adventege of pcie 4.0 m.2 work ?
  7. Thx for the follow!

    1. mcnuget


      ok : )



  8. idk.. i like rgb and nicelooking things maybe i could do that idk
  9. the 1050 ti pc is from like almost 3 years ago also probably im going to buy some used parts or simply cheaper parts on ebay so i can save money
  10. any sugestions pls something i should change