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  1. Ok, so im getting an MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 101M case which will have my MSI Z97 Gaming 3 motherboard in it. One the case there is a light button to change the coulors. What will that plug into on the motherboard? Thank you!
  2. Im pretty confused as i have found a case that i like (MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010) but i dont know if my motherboard (MSI Z97 Gaming 3) will let me use mystic light to control the RGB on it. Please help, Thank you!
  3. Will the https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cooler-Master-Hyper-Heatpipes-RR-212TR-16PR-R1/dp/B06VWX2QLT/ref=pd_sbs_147_4/261-8597034-1598449?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06VWX2QLT&pd_rd_r=6a1e5dc0-0c91-44d9-8fdc-b5208f1dc685&pd_rd_w=oyqIK&pd_rd_wg=GxzXL&pf_rd_p=b9bf232d-9a8a-4c7d-aa9d-641c0995d3a2&pf_rd_r=GQ84WYVC68M706JTK8BH&refRID=GQ84WYVC68M706JTK8BH&th=1 fit this case https://www.amazon.co.uk/AeroCool-Mid-Tower-Tempered-Lighting-Included/dp/B07HWD5ZS3/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3PLE7G2VFKDPL&dchild=1&keywords=aerocool+case&qid=1601819084&sprefix=aerocool+%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-3 im not very good with dimensions... Thank you!
  4. Do you think i could sell my faulty GA-F2A68HM-HD2 and AMD A8 6600k for £50?
  5. Thank you! The fan is around the same size as a normal Intel cooler so fingers crossed should be fine!
  6. Ok so im getting a second hand i5-4690k of which i don't know if it has a cooler or not. Will a LGA1155 Cooler still fit a LGA1150 CPU? I got the cooler from a prebuilt DELL PC so its not intel brand. Thank you!
  7. Will a GTX 1650 Super MSI Gaming X work in MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard? Thanks! (I have 6 pin pcie connector in my power supply.)
  8. Thank you Tofu! I appreciate your help!
  9. Hi i just wanted to know if the intel i5-4690k will work with MSI H97 Gaming 3 motherboard. I have ordered the motherboard but not the CPU. Thanks!
  10. can you recommend a good PSU for about £100? also thanks for your help!
  11. ... i hope your joking haha, eh should be fine haha...
  12. thank you! when i get a replacement should i stay with 500w psu or go to 850w? what do you think?
  13. ive had it for about 2-3 years now and it has been great, im gonna try upgrade at about june next year, dont mind the cable management, i dont have a window side panel so i didnt cable manage.
  14. It says EVGA 500W 80 PLUS on it. so im not too sure, thank you! i kept stressing that it wouldn't be enough haha, and also does every graphics card go into any graphics card slot?