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  1. Ok, and do I need to bridge the connection first or the change of IP will be enough? And stupid question but... what is the best way to change an IP?
  2. The PC is connected using an other ethernet port. So I have to bridge "Ethernet 01" which is connected to my network with "Ethernet 02" with is connected to the NAS? But then I loose the internet acces for my computer right?
  3. Hi there, I just bought a Synology NAS 1618+ with a pcie 10gbe ethernet card. This NAS will be my primary storage unit for all my files and clips (I am a videographer / editor). I don't need all the cloud features and stuff, I just wanted a massive storage solution. I wanted to connect it with an ethernet cable directly on my PC, which as a 10gbe port too, to optimize data transfer rate. My issue is that the NAS is not recognized when only connected to my PC. I saw some topics talking about IP issues and DHCP... Can you explain me step by step the process of fixing this? Thanks!