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  1. It is indeed enabled, tried both enable for fullscreen and enable for windowed and full screen. No avail.
  2. Hello all, This is my first time posting to this forum, and I'm sure someone will comment that I didn't post in the right place, or something along those line, so I apologies in advanced if that is the case! As the title expresses, I am experiencing some odd issues with my new Samsung G9 monitor and it's HDR 1000 feature. Although, I am not sure if its the G9 that is causing these problems, or another piece of hardware, or even software being the culprit. Issue #1 (with HDR turned on) When at the login screen/ logout screen / task manager screen, there is a constant flashing / flickering until I enter my password and enter Windows, or re-enter Windows. Once I return to Windows world the issues stops. Although, the second I return to windows world, the screen undergoes a brightness adjustment. Not sure if that is normal with HDR. I do not experience screen flickering in any other forms, besides mentioned. With HDR disabled, these screens are all normal, and the issue does not occur. Issue #2 (with HDR turned on) As I alluded to earlier about the brightness adjustments, also, randomly occurring when gaming, and even sometimes when just browsing the web or at the desktop, although I mostly recall it happening primarily when gaming, the brightness will shoot straight up until the screen is practically white, and re-adjust back to the correct levels within a couple seconds, obliterating my eyes. This can happen a couples times, once or never during a session. I am not sure what's triggering it. As pointed out, this issue only occurs when HDR is enabled in Windows display settings. When I disable HDR, I do not experience any of the above issues. Possible 3rd issue I cannot not seem to get nvidia control panel to display the monitor running at 240hz. It only allows me to select 60hz and 120hz. I do have it selected in the monitors menu, along with response time = fastest, and adaptive = sync disabled. I did have a chat with a guy from nvidia about this issue, and he mentioned that he was pretty sure that a 1080ti did not support 5120x1440 at 240hz, only at 120hz. Although, he did not seem sure of himself. I am currently running 3 screens, including the G9. I did see in Linus's review of the G9, and that he had a little hiccup when trying to get the monitor to run at 240hz, but was able to correct it. I am assuming he was running a RTX 2080ti, which may be the reason I cannot get it to run at 240hz because of a bottle neck, which is fine, just would like to validate there is nothing wrong with the hardware. I plan on upgrading to RTX 3090, which would allow me to test this issue, but who knows when they will be available, and I'd like to get this sorted, because having a $2,000 monitor that your not sure is running properly, and there was a weird recall involving quality control, and other sketchy things, bugs me out, along with the fact that you can't purchase the G9 presently, at least that I'm aware of. So, I am trying to solve/ understand these problems, so that I can make a proper decision if whether I need to RMA, and go down that sad, long trail. Other than these minor issues, the monitor runs great, truly a treat to game on. Would not want to down grade, unless this product was indeed faulty. My set up; Windows 10 Home Version = 1909 OS Build = 18363.1082 nVidia Driver = 451.67 Intel i9990k 32 GB ram GTX 1080ti Asus Formula X mobo Samsung 970 EVO M.2 Thank you so very much! : )