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  1. so even though there not usb they appear as one?
  2. yeah one built into my case this is an old (and terrible) hp. i wish i had a custom built system.
  3. ok ltt forum members, it appears i have a weird thing happening here and i couldnt find anything on youtube and the internet as a solution. so basically in file explorer, i have my two 1tb drives listed and then there are a bunch usb drives that dont exist as in their listed but theres nothing connected, if i click to enter there directory it says please insert a disk so i have a few questions. how can i remove them, and why are they there in the first place. also if its a usb drive how in the world do you insert a disk??? unless it assumes their a usb disk drive...
  4. ok so i havnt hopped on this forum in a while. so i will answer the questions because i left out many details for the server the services i will be using is remotedesktop, remote app, network drives, steam, and any other services required for these to operate properly. thats why im trying to find out what kind of nic i need im assuming its high bandwidth.
  5. hello ltt community! i have a few questions on where to find resources for windows server operating system os networking information i have a few more specific questions as well. some of the questions i think i know the answer to but im not sure if im right. heres my current pc specs if that effects anything. Hp p7-1534 from 2013 i have upgraded ram to 24gb (iif they were not faulty they should be 28) but thats what i get for buying the cheapest ram i found installed a gtx-1650 installed an ssd im not using, it kept causing crashes i havnt looked into the issue yet. an extra 1tb hdd. everything else is stock. oh and a 600w psu what ports does windows server use. how does dns server work and what does it do. what is a dmz how does port forwarding work what is the recommended bandwidth and speed for server to server and server to client communication? what does it mean when the active directory has failed to replicate? how could i connect to my server outside of my lan, like if i was at school, tim hortons another house my work etc. i was thinking like direct access, a vpn, dynamic dns etc how does d-dns work what does dynamic dns do. im trying to buy a new nic, what would i need for a windows server environment im looking to learn about networking and it for free, are there any resources that are of good quality, beside ltt. (watched more for entertainment)
  6. one more question. if my display refreshes faster does that mean i would have an advantage over someone with a lower end set up like on call of duty modern warfare . for instance if it refreshes more i see stuff faster on my display than some one with 60hz or is that not the case?
  7. thanks that was quick, so it's basically like using an ancient crt and then switching to a flatscreen for a while you now notice that the flatscreen is a millions time better also is it true that ips displays look better, in my opinion an i.p.s dispay is better compared to l.c.d.s but again my budgets small so i get old equipment.
  8. hello linus tech tip forum members and l.t.t employees. i know there are many review videos and guides but they do not directly answer my question. my questions are as follows, what is the fastest refresh rate possible with current hardware even if its not available to consumers/commercial aka experimental and or not yet released. the second question is what is the fastest refresh rate display available to buy as of 2020. my third question is after what refresh rate are improvements not noticeable to the average user. for instance im running an old hp 22bw monitor which as far as i know is 1080p at 60hz and it looks just fine to me even comparable to my brothers monitor which is a (im not sure) but i do know it is capable of 144hz at i think 4k? i will find out the specs later and post them. in fact i think his desktop looks blurry compared to mine. thanks for who ever comments and answers my questions forums are for discussion right?