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  1. Im using masterbox lite 5. Basically I have an exhaust system fan plugged into sys fan header, and my cpu fan plugged into cpu fan header.
  2. The problem is my motherboard only has 2 fan headers. One for CPU fan, one for system fan (which I am already using). It could be due to my motherboard being a mATX board, but that's the way it is right now. So I'm really not trying to do anything fancy, I just want it to work, and right now short of changing motherboards the only way I can get it to work is to get a y-splitter and use one end to power the pump, and use the other end to power the fans. I'm just worried that doing so may damage the motherboard or decrease the efficiency of the AIO.
  3. Title is a bit of a mouthful but let me explain what I mean: I am planning on buying a ML240R. This AIO requires two CPU headers. On most motherboards that is the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers. One header for the pump, and one header for the fans on the radiator. I have a B450M-S2H motherboard. It is a mATX board with only one CPU header, the CPU_FAN. Therefore, in order to be able to install this AIO, I will need to have a y-splitter cable on my CPU_FAN header, supplying each end for pump and fans. I am concerned that this will either damage the header/motherboard, or impact performance of the liquid cooler. I read somewhere else that having a y-splitter cable means you are basically powering two things when you should've been only powering one, which can damage the MB/decrease performance. Is it true?
  4. No CPU_OPT header, and that is why I am asking if it is okay for me to use a splitter cable. If I had a OPT header, I could've just plugged my fans into FANS and my pump into OPT.
  5. Hi, sorry I believe the image is not valid or removed. I think CoolerMaster does have a splitter cable. However, it is a 2-way splitter for the 2 fans. Right now, my problem is that the pump and the fans both require a CPU fan header, which means I have to buy another splitter, one slot for the pump, another slot for the "fan splitter" that CM provided. I was just wondering if it is safe and okay to buy a splitter and use one header for both pump and fans. Will the header provide enough voltage?
  6. Right now I am looking to purchase a ML240R on discount. However, watching a couple installation tutorials on YouTube shows that ML240R needs two CPU fan headers. One for the pump, and the other one for the fans . My B450M motherboard, however, only has one CPU fan header (its a mATX board after all). I do have a SYS FAN header, but that one's being used for my exhaust fan, so I can't replace that. Luckily, there are "splitter" cables I've seen which can split a single CPU fan header into multiple ones, or alternatively, a "hub". My question is, will a splitter cable solve the problem? Will it work with the ML240R AIO?
  7. Ah I see, I was a bit worried but now that I think about it, your explanation make sense, different settings will probably use different amount of memory. Thanks.
  8. So I have a dual memory channel mATX motherboard, and I used to have only one 2400mhz DDR4 8GB ram from samsung. Recently I noticed that 8GB really isn't enough for some of the productivity I do, so I bought another 16GB Ram stick (single stick). I believe it was Team Elite? 2666 Mhz. I do realize overall it will still run at 2400mhz due to my slower ram, but that's okay I can always upgrade in the future. However, one thing I noticed is that some games I play utilizes a very small amount of RAM compared to what I have (24, 8+16). For instance, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which can use up to 13 GB in some online benchmarking videos, only uses 8 GB on my PC, even though I barely have any other programs open at the time, which results in only about 12 GB (half) of ram usage. I'm starting to suspect that somehow, for whatever reason, some games won't recognize my RAM fully and therefore is only utilizing a small amount of it. I'm no expert at RAM so I'm not sure if that's because my ram are different brands/timings/speeds, since most people often buy "ram kits", which have identical ram sticks. If anyone could enlighten me on this issue that would be great.
  9. My radiator is exposed to the outside, and the fans are inside of the case sucking air in through the radiator. (if that makes sense) In this case, is it okay if I buy 2 fan filters, which will sit between the fans and the radiator? Or should I glue the two filters outside of the radiator?
  10. I'm about to buy a watercooler for a mid-tower case, and I am planning to set the cooler as intake, since my case is quite small and airflow won't be that great otherwise. However, since I am basically exposing my radiator to the environment, and setting it as intake, will there be a potential dust problem?
  11. I'm planning to buy a corsair h100i platinum (240mm AIO) in order to overclock my ryzen CPU. My case is MasterBox Lite 5 (terrible airflow, I know), although I am planning to remove the front panel because it obstructs so much intake, so keep that in mind. The thing with this case, besides the terrible airflow, is that I can only mount the radiator in the front, which is okay I guess. I am planning to use the radiator fans as intake anyways. My question is: Should I mount the fans outside or inside my case? Again, keep in mind I will remove the front cover of the case so I can get unobstructed intake airflow. In either scenario, the fans will act as intake. My understanding of both options so far (and please correct me if I am wrong): outside: Better cooling performance, since the fans is sucking in fresh ambient air unobstructed and blowing it full force on the radiator (mounted inside). However, my RGB fans are basically wasted and won't glow up the case (right now my case is pitch black, so I would appreciate it if I can get some lighting inside.) inside: Worse cooling performance, since the fans are sucking air through the radiator. However, the RGB fans will really have a massive effect on the inside lighting of my case. However, I am not too sure if my theory is correct, since at the end of the day the same air is passing through the radiator. Thanks in advance for any clarification and help.