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  1. How would you feel about pairing a R3 3100 with a 2070 super for now?
  2. In my country, unfortunately, the price of a 3070 is close to $700 while a sparingly used 2070 super can be had for ~$400. It's just about the 3600 or waiting for the 4th gen Ryzen (which may not be launched at the same price point) And yes, I've used the PSU for 6 years, easily. :')
  3. I never really had any problems with it but is this *that* bad? If I just go by the benchmarks, a Ryzen 3600 is more than adequate but by selling and buying a new 3600, I'll save enough (or just slighly less) to have a 2060 Super pairing. (or just sell the 3800x and get the 3100 since that would also give me playable frame rates until the 4th gen comes along?)
  4. 1660S can also be swapped with a 2060 Super for some additional money. I think the 1660S is fine at 1080p (will upgrade to a 144Hz monitor in the near future). 3300X is nowhere to be seen and is borderline 3600 territory.
  5. Budget (including currency): INR 35,000 Country: India Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: RPGs, Cyberpunk, Witcher 3, FIFA 21 Other details: Motherboard: ASRock B550M Pro4 (INR 12,000) RAM: XPG Spectrix D50 16GB (8GBx2) 3200 MHz (INR 6,800) Storage: 960GB Samsung SATA SSD, 1TB WD Blue 7200RPM (existing) GPU: Galax GTX 1660 Super (INR 16,500 - pre-owned) Monitor: AOC I2269VWM 1080p 60 Hz (OC'd to 75Hz) (Will change this in the future) PSU: Seasonic M12II 520W (existing, can be reused?) CPU: Undecided For the CPU, I picked up a pre-owned (claiming new) Ryzen 7 3800X from the marketplace but ended up not getting an invoice. Contemplating selling this and getting a Ryzen 3 3100 for now and purchase the 4000 series Ryzen 5. Or should I just use the 3800X and not care about the upgrade? (I won't lose money on the CPU if I sell it). Any suggestions? Thank You!