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  1. Hey! The big day is coming for the AMD release and I came back with 2 questions that I had after investigating what you guys recommended me! 1) I realized that it is quite hard to find 3600mhz ram memory that is within my price range. I would like to get 32gb at around £150. It seems like the crucial ballistix used to be a good price and quality but they are all sold out. For me, the 32gb are of big importance, considering that I will be rendering big scenes that need to fit within more than 16gb of memory. In the same time, I could not find a lot of reference of how this difference between 3200/3600mhz influences render times ( i could only find fps comparisons). What would you recommend doing? Should I get 16/24 gb at 3600 / hope the cheaper 3600 come back in stock or just go for the 32gb 3200mhz? 2) The next one is about the AMD release, or better said, the history of these releases, as I think my question might be hard to predict.. Will we get an option with 16 cores at the same release, and if so, will it be available at the same time as the others? I am just curious, knowing that when I was chasing the 3950x last year, it was always hard to find comparing to the 3900. Thank you again !
  2. Oh that's great! I will come back if I find something concerning the motherboards, as you recommended! Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you so much for your fast reply and truly useful advices! I will definitely consider both the cooler and the 3600mhz ram! Great to hear your suggestion as well, @TehDwonz! It seems to be a must to upgrade the ram sticks which I will definitely do! I need to have a look into it! When it comes to the CPU, I will wait and see what happens at release with both 3rd and 2nd gen prices. After seeing what happened with 3080 my only concern would be not even having a chance to buy one by December or something like that hahah! Thanks for the motherboard and case advice as well. I will check what the differences are between multiple brands and how that would impact my workflow. One last thing: Will the 650W PSU that I have enough for my system or is a bit too little? PS: I love the look of your case, maybe I should take it into consideration.
  4. Hello everyone, I am planning to upgrade my workstation almost completely, around mid-October and I wanted to make sure I am taking good decisions about it. I did quite a bit of research, however, I don't know all the subtleties and I might miss something. I already own the peripherals, storage, an RTX 2080 which I am happy with and I will not upgrade, as well as a PSU (Seasonic Focus Plus+ 650 Watt Gold which I am not entirely sure if it is enough for the rig). The rest of the parts, including the case, I would like to acquire: Budget (including currency): up to £1300 Country: UK Programs that it will be used for: Maya - Blender - Houdini - Renderman - Arnold - V-Ray (generally 3D/VFX packages and render engines). CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X This seems to be a beast for its price (£650). Will the next gen maybe beat this big time or there won't be much competition at this price? I consider compromising from other parts for better CPU performance, if that's a possibility, but I am not sure I can find anything better at the moment. I also thought about the prices which might reduce even more on the new gen release, but I am not entirely sure about the dynamics of the tech industry around such releases. RAM: Corsair 163301 Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 3200Mhz AIO: NZXT Kraken X63 280mm Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X570-F This is a component that I am not particularly sure about. Looking at reviews, I saw that the x570 competes with the b550 at this price, but my knowledge is a bit limited in what provider to pick / how I would benefit from either of them more than another. ROG seemed to be one of those with great reviews. Would you recommend something else? Case: Here I am not sure yet. I saw multiple options, the most interesting ones being Fractal Meshify C , Lian-Li Lancool II and BeQuiet Pure Base 500DX. I have little to no interest into the whole RGB thingy and I care about raw performance, so if you would be able to guide me a bit with this one it would be great. What would you recommend and what would you change? Thank you, Serban