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  1. Given international shipment issues I'm pretty much limited to Amazon and Newegg (others either don't ship or very expensive). How would you guys go between the Aero 15 2070smq, Zephyrus S 2080mq 8750h, MSI GE66 2070mp, and Clevo PB51DF2 2070smp?
  2. Not for a couple of months, it seems... Supply issues with the AMD's:
  3. That Zephyrus caught my eye, and for that price I can easily upgrade the ssd. My main concern is with longevity. Would love for this machine to last me as long as possible (no one say future proof), and the i7-8750H is pretty rusty by now. I know it's only been refreshes since, but they really increased max turbo speeds... Should I not be so that concerned with that? Edit: also not a huge fan of the lowered keyboard. Doesn't seem too comfortable to type on
  4. Buying in the US and shipping to Israel (real budget is max $2500 including taxes and shipping)
  5. That's a max-q, sadly... Thanks for the tip about pcpartpicker allowing filtering by max-q, but they don't seem to list the 2070 super which is odd... Also no i7-10875 for some reason
  6. Hey! Been looking for a powerful laptop, for gaming and productivity. A "desktop replacement" to last a while. I want to steer away from the thin-and-light Max-Q variants, but I haven't found an easy way to filter laptop models by their Max (Q/P) variant. Help? Anyone know of decent lists of max-p laptops? Also -- any recommendations for a machine up to $2000? Would love to have an 8-core (though 6-core not a deal-breaker), and max-p RTX 2070 and up. Decent high refresh rate display also important - gaming oriented. Edit: preferably 15", open to the right 17" though. Less of a gaming aesthetic, too... Was looking at the Clevo with RTX 2070 Super Max-P (PB51DF2), but would like to have a bit more portability if possible... Seems a bit clunky MSI GE66 Raider looks like a decent option, but disappointed by the 512GB SSD that fits in my budget. Thoughts? Many thanks!