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  1. okay, thanks! but i kinda wanna play warzone, and the game idle at 7 gigs of RAM
  2. but it was all fine running GTA V, its aerocool LUX 550 WATT 80+ bronze. even if its same speed? just checked its HYNIX the PB series. just remembered a few days ago i disabled the SysMain coz its consuming 80% disk usage
  3. my spec: i7-3770 non K GTX 1650 4GB OC VENTUS 1 TB baracuda 8 GB RAM X star and 4 GB random stick i found laying around GIGABYTE H61M DS-2 REV 5 so here is the thing, i OC'd my GPU +82 on clock and +552 on mem, with this configuration there was usually no problem with my pc, until i stick that random 4 gigs of ram to my pc. the first couple of days went smoothly, no problem, the next day when i ran GTA V it suddenly then crashed and automatically rebooted my pc but it kind of stuck on loop just constantly turning on and off. so i decided to turn off the PSU and wait for a few minutes. i turned it back on it worked, i get to my home screen but suddenly the mouse and keyboard disconnected, i tried to change the port, didnt work. i rebooted the pc then everything was just fine until OC'd my GPU again to the usual configuration. it crashed. rebooted the pc then OC'd my GPU again but this time i only add +82 and +450, and everything is working just fine. I'm just wondering why did that happened.