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  1. @Bad5ector Oh my bad i miss understood yeah i havent tried it on another system!
  2. @Bad5ector It shows up on my laptop when i plug it in all files look to be right!
  3. @Bad5ector I am using windows meadia creation tool. I have tried using the iso file and the regular meadia creaion tool. Im using the back usbs thats on my mobo.
  4. @Bad5ectorIt does the samething ive tried with unpluging all of them
  5. @keysbeastIts doing the same thing with the new powersupply
  6. @keysbeast ill try it i hope a 650 is enough power
  7. Ive tried it with all of them unpluged
  8. It does the same thing
  9. Hello everyone, I just built a new pc and i cant get it to boot into windows media creation tool i have tried 3 different motherboards and same issue i have also tried differnt ram and video card. I can get the windows logo to come up boot it want go into the menu to accept the download for windows it just spins in circles for hours i dont know what the issue is. Specs: Proccesor: Amd ryzen 7 3700x video card: Geforce rtx 2070 ram: 32 gb ddr4 3200 storage: 1tb western digital m.2 drive