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  1. Just played a quick game of warzone, yes, yes I am
  2. Primarily FPS shooters, currently warzone. I currently get 90-100 fps with the i5 9400f and gtx 1070, so I should be expecting a significant increase with the 3080. And then plan to upgrade the CPU in the near future
  3. Noted, but based on other replies I think I will get going with the 3080 and upgrade the cpu in the near future!
  4. I get that people see this and think its so stupid to pump all the $$ into the graphics card, I will be upgrading my CPU in the future of course, I just wanted to know if it will be alright or not. At least this graphics card will last me for years to come so I won't need to worry about it, doing it one step at a time. Thanks for the reply
  5. Yes it definitely is going to be a joke for the RTX 3080 but that is why I am asking if it will be alright on my CPU. I don't have the funds to upgrade everything at once so am going to get this now, then a new monitor, then a new cpu etc etc...
  6. Thank you for the reply and link, happy to hear that
  7. Well it matters to me because I want max frames for competitive gaming. Currently on a 1070 so this is a big upgrade for me.
  8. Hi, I am in the midst of doing a big upgrade to my setup and placed an order for the RTX 3080. However I am wondering if it will be okay to use with my current CPU which is a i5 9400f. Will this bottleneck or should I be okay? I will be gaming 1080p 144hz! Thanks