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  1. Im really not averse to doing the work for this, im more wondering if it is just as goods to use the coax that is already there before I go through the effort of ethernet
  2. Its for mostly my and my borthers pcs so wifi isnt really an option.
  3. Its mostly for my and my brothers gaming pc
  4. So I am pretty into tech but beyond a novice at all things networking. With the house im in now, we are finally getting off of Verizon routers to stop paying monthly for that and using a new one. However, this entails us not using the current access point that I have upstairs connected to my gaming rig. So in getting rid of this, I will need to find a new way to have (hopefully Gigabit) in my room and also if possible the same in my brothers. So I was wondering if it would be easier to do whole house and have long runs of ethernet come from the router downstairs to a switch in the attic and then distribute that to rooms in the house (which in doing research will require lots of drywall cutting, repainting, mounting, and pulling) or if I can maintain speeds with the coax that is already running through the whole house and adapt that to ethernet in some way that yall may know of that will maintain good speeds.) thanks