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  1. The F@lding home is not help for you! You help for the Pharmaceutical manufacturer and after you can buy that medicine in triple price what you payd in cpu, gpu time and in electicity. The Boinc what i use have same World Community Grid. Here running COVID, Cancer, ... And not for fucking factories. OK after they can make money from our job, but not directly. THe@home also make money for Nasa for China for ESS, the Cosmology, The Seti, the Climate prediction. A company whay need to pay dollars for research, when we are stupid to make for them for free. I'm also stupid. Now i running : Asteroid@Home Climateprediction.net Cosmology@Home Milkyway@Home SETI@home World Community Grid OK SETI is - because we killd the seti under 12-16 years . They said before need 200 years for that what they saved from the space. the climateprediction also out of orde because we was to fast. What i saw from them last time, was 2077 it was terrible. THey ara scientist. The Folding Home not. I think. If they want realy reseach than they collect to the full grid. I really thing they just Pharmaceutical manufacturer.