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  1. Hi, new here, I would like to get a laptop for every day use very fast for multitasking multiple Excel sheets, streaming videos, Word, PowerPoint. -15.6'' -At least 8gb RAM (would prefer 12 or 16gb) -128 or 256 gb SSD (as long as it is upgradable 128 is fine, if it's cheaper) -intel i5 or higher (AMD equivalent) -Camera (a must.) -No convertible/touch (if possible) -If possible Rj45 (not a deal breaker) -At least 1 USB type A for a mouse. -Finger print would be nice (not a deal breaker) -Don't really care about battery life I always have a wall socket. -Needs to have longevity, I change my laptops only after 5-8 years. Needs to be fast though I love multitasking and hate sludge. My bottom line is 1500$CAD after taxes. Not sure if it is possible with all the specs but older models don't bother. THANKS.