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  1. I hate to say this but I checked this afternoon and even after the reset the problem came back. I am at a loss. Everything is up to date Edit: I decided to dig a bit deeper into my computer. I opened up the Service app, and went to services. ARMOURY CRATE Service appeared there, and it was stopped. (Hence the service error in the app itself.) I tried to start the service through Services manually, but it gave me an error that said: "ARMOURY CRATE Service started and then stopped. Some services may automatically stop if they are not in use by another service or program." It would not say what was causing the error, and that's all I could find. From everything I have experienced, After a system restore or reset, the computer works for 1-3 days before glitching out again.
  2. That is one thing I haven't tried yet. I will do this later and see if it works.
  3. Yes, and I did everything they said to do in the Email they sent me. The only other thing they reccomend is to send the product to them for repair which I don't want to do.
  4. Same with me, except closing and then reopening the app breaks it again. Though right off the bat the AURA settings don't work.
  5. Hello, I am looking for advice on a problem I have had for a couple of days now. A couple of months ago I bought a brand new Asus ROG Strix G531GT. Everything was working fine until a couple days ago, when the Armoury Crate service, which controls the fan speed, power levels, RGB Lighting, etc. stopped working properly. First, I could no longer open the app with the ROG key that was on the top of the keyboard designed for specifically that. I also noticed that I could no longer change the fan speed with the fan speed button beside it either. I tried opening the app, where it said there was a service error. The rgb lighting settings did not appear as usual, and my computer info was not displayed. I tried reinstalling the app, following all the proper steps on the Asus website, and downloading everything in order, but that did not help. I made sure the BIOS was up to date as well, which it was. I tried restoring my pc to the state it was on a previous date, but it only worked for a little bit before the problem came back. I also tried reinstalling windows, but it still did not work. If anyone has any ideas to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!