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  1. Alright i'll try reseating the CPU again and see if it works
  2. https://youtu.be/YTzi2QXqxNs This is the video of the issue that I have recorded
  3. Yup the fans are plugged into the correct connectors
  4. Recently just built a ryzen 3600 PC, CPU fan and rear case fan are not spinning after building and booting it up. I have checked the connection for the 8-PIN CPU Power connector and 24-PIN Motherboard connector. Upon booting the PC, the debug light on the motherboard lit up in red and only lasted for about 10 seconds. GPU fan were spinning and RGB lights on the front of the case lit up too. Photo of the red debug light is shown in this post. Video link of the issue has also been included in this post.https://youtu.be/YTzi2QXqxNs Specifications: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Motherboard Ryzen 3600 CPU Gigabyte GTX 770 GPU Corsair Vegenence 3600MHz 16GB Adata 512GB NVMe