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  1. Tried the 144hz setting. No difference. Swapped to use vga via GT730. So sign of the issue so far. Will come back if the issue persist.
  2. Will try switch to 144 if that doesnt work, i will plug it to the gt730. That will be VGA-VGA
  3. OS: Win10 Pro 64-bit version 1909 Specs: Asus z370-f gaming (bios 2401, just updated) i7-8700k @ 4.9Ghz 32gb 2133mhz corsair (16gigs sticks) RTX2080 strix GT730 Corsair RM750 watts NZXT x52 water cooler Monitor setup: 3x AOC G2790PX - 144hz (Connected to RTX2080) 2x Samsung P2250 - 60hz (One connected to GT730, other connected to RTX2080. It is the RTX2080 one that has the issue) The 3 aoc monitors are in surround locked to 120hz (Also tried to lock it to 60 hz). The cable and adapter used for the issued screen is completely new the AOC screens and adapter from retail. "Random" flickers occur on both idle and under load. Sometimes its just 1/3 of the screen, other its the whole screen for longer period of time. The cable is HDMI-HDMI to a HDMI-DVI adapter. Ask if further information is needed or if you have any suggestions to troubleshooting, where the problem might be. See video of it here: