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  1. If any of these are obvious, im sorry. im new to PC building. What are the benifits of using SSD? Why would i ever buy a M.2 SSD when i can just buy a 2.5 inch SSD? Why are SSDs in general so expensive?
  2. I personally use what interests me as my pfp.
  3. I edited topic, forgot to put the 3070 part in. I plan on only gaming with the system and am contemplating what GPU i should get. My budget is around 1400 with a 3070 build, and 1700 with a 3080 build. Sorry, english isnt my main language, so if anything is not clear, i am sorry.
  4. What CPU should i get with the 3080/3070? I plan on building a system with a 3080/3070 when i can, and im not sure what CPU i should get with either of those, im not super adknowledged when it comes to PC building.