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  1. oh good grief!!! 48" is a bit excessive, especially considering the size of my desk(140x60) Budget wise, probably somewhere around the $500 mark....Im currently rocking a duel monitor setup atm, one of which is in portait mode! Just looking to stick to a single monitor setup, as i'ts a lot cleaner imo.
  2. Hi guys, Been on the hunt for a new monitor for a while now, but not too sure what direction to take. I want to primarly upgrade to somthing bigger, and or wider. My current monitor is the Asus VG248QE. I have primarily been looking at both 32 inch and ultrawide monitors, as I don't think 27" monitors are much of an upgrade, as we're only talking about a 3" difference. I primarily want something to give me a real sence of immersion when playing games, but also works well in 3D modelling sofware. Any advice is most appreciated.