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  1. Just got the usb 3.0 card from amazon. plugged my mouse into it and it works. So i guess thats 3080 hunting for me. Thanks for all your help and stay safe
  2. Oh ok I will try that but I have used multiple pcie slots on my mobo and none of them worked. I will get one of those off Amazon or something. Thanks
  3. Tried both of those to no avail. Time of death: 11:53 pm
  4. the thing is in bios it says no gpu connected so I don't think it is a driver issue but i will try that
  5. If I try to install drivers it says no compatible device found. I will try them once I get back home
  6. Is it possible that the PCIE connectors on the gpu are dirty or damaged or something. And if so do you know if there is any way I could clean or fix them. Just let me know what you think about the pic attached
  7. Welp that sucks. I already tried a different slot, no extra gpu, and no oc. I guess im gonna wait till 3080 is in stock or big navi. Thanks for your help and stay safe
  8. Hi everyone. A couple of days ago my 2080 ti stopped outputting video. It is not detected in bios either. Onboard graphics works so i think it is definitely the gpu. Both the gpu and cpu re watcerooled. I have tried it in a different pcie slot. When i try to install drivers is says no compatible device. I just want to see if there is anything more I can do. specs are as follows: intel core i9 9900k 2080 ti FE corsair a1600i psu corsair hydro x watercooling 32 gb of g.skill trident rgb ram Thanks in advanced