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  1. I could run the cable of the replacement fan to the mobo then right? If it's soldered. And I'm not too uncomfortable working on it, I was more wondering if anyone who has done something similar especially on the specific/similar model could tell me about it.
  2. I have this power supply: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/PROP163000554/ It's mounted with fan facing down in my case, my case doesn't allow any other orientation. The fan rattles under load, which can be fixed by slapping the case a few times until it stops, but I don't imagine that being good for the rest of the components, and it's getting tiring. I'm wondering if it would be possible to replace the fan inside. It is a 120mm fan and I have a spare one that I could use, but I'm not sure what sort of header it would have. I also know it can be dangerous to work on power supplies, so I was wondering if anyone would have tech tips on how to do so safely, or if there are any disassembly guides. I've searched the web for a little while but couldn't find anything.