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  1. Dear fellow nerds, After a lot of google, bing, duckduckgo and onesearch I have failed to find any specifics about the following motherboard: Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. MS-B090 (u3e1) It comes with my MSI Nightblade MI2c and I'm really interested in its characteristics so does one of you know anything about it? More specifically, I want to know if it is standard mini-atx, how many pcie slots it has and anything else...
  2. Thank you very much for your reply Kanna but lets assume that I'm keeping my current motherboard, ram, cpu and storage. That leaves maybe a case swap, a new psu and a more powerful graphicscard or getting a GTX 1660 ti/super. Does anyone know if I can transplant this motherboard into a bigger case without having to pull of a Linus? Or maybe a server psu to replace my current one for max €100 or so?
  3. This case is terrible for upgrades, yes. For a PSU, I can get a 600W corsair from a friend of mine. A new case would be about €60,- to €70,- and if I go this route I would want to know if I can transplant the guts of my current machine, except for the PSU. This way I can ditch the stupid case and the 350W PSU... I'm not planning on getting a new Motherboard, Ram and CPU because if that was the case I would just start from scratch and sell my current pc online for about €350 or something...
  4. Hi everyone, So as a 14 year old I bought the prebuilt MSI Nightblade mi2c at a killer price, or so I thought. I never stopped to wonder why it is that I could get it for such a great price (its the psu). After a year my first upgrade was to add a 500gb ssd to the system. Another year went by and I decided to upgrade my RAM as well. A friend of mine knows I'm looking for a new graphics card and he still had a 1060 6gb lying around that he wouldn't use untill the start of 2021 so he let me borrow it untill then. My current specs are as follows: CPU: i7-6700, GPU: GTX 1060 6gb, RAM: 16gb at 2132, Storage: SSD (boot) & HDD (extra storage), PSU: 350W, Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. MS-B090 (u3e1) My ultimate goal is to upgrade my GPU and as I see things now there are three ways I can do this: 1. Go for a GTX 1660 ti / super. This will work with my psu but it will also max out my rig so I cant upgrade anything else except storage. 2. Try and find a small formfactor PSU to replace the current one and then go for a more powerfull GPU. The PSU would be something like this one: https://www.amazon.com/FSP-Group-Solution-Supply-FSP250-60FAG/dp/B01N4IGM0O?th=1#HLCXComparisonWidget_feature_div Why this one? The MSI Nightblade MI2c is a terribly small case that has only room for a powersupply with max 5 centimeters of height, 10 for with and about 25 for depth. 3. Get a new case (this time a nice and spacy tower), get another friend of mine who has an old 600W PSU lying around to sell it to me for the cheap and then transplant my current system into the new case. Afterwards I can get any GPU that fits in the case... What do you guys and girls recommend? I have scoured the internet for specifics on the motherboard to try and determine for sure if I can transplant it but I cant find any confirmation and I cant find any PSU's that will fit, are in stock and will give me 500 Watts or more. Please note that I live in the Netherlands and will have to order parts from the European market because otherwise I'm done for in taxes.