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  1. Hello there technical gurus, Here is hoping you can help out with an issue that no amount of Google-ing can seem to solve. My specs are: ASUS z190 pro gaming MOBO i5 6600k CPU Corsair H60 CPU cooler Fury 2133MHz 2x4 DDR4 RAM RTX TUF 2060 Corsair TX650M PSU Samsung SSD and HDD Everything was working fine until I decided to replace my two sticks of RAM (4GB each) with a pair of 8GB DDR4 sticks. I made sure the new pair was compatible with the MOBO (they were). The new pair run on the same frequency as the old pair (2133 MHz), but the manufacturer is different (I went with Corsair LPX). When trying to install the new pair of sticks, the system declines to boot (CPU led flashes red momentarily, then the DRAM led turns red indefinitely) with both sticks inserted. It boots fine with a single 8GB stick in DIMM B1 or B2, respectively. I have tried the following to remedy the issue: 1. Made sure the sticks are properly inserted. 2. Tried all manner of combinations. 3. Reverted to the old 4GB pair of RAM to see if the issue persisted (it did not). 4. Tried enabling XMP. 5. Tried overvolting slightly. 6. Tried to see if some CPU pins were misaligned/bent (a few potentially were, and I evened them out to the best of my ability) 7. Tried unplugging/re-plugging everything. 8. RMAed the new RAM and got a new pair, but the issue yet persists. Is the MOBO at fault? If so, how come does it accommodate two 4GB sticks, but only a single 8GB stick? Please advise.