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  1. Does anyone think this is the RAM speed? Maybe we need to run it stock? Maybe 3600 is drawing too much power and overheating something? Could this overheat the VRMs?
  2. I'm having the same exact issue on an ASRock B550M Pro4. The screen just goes black and restarts. No blue screen, no errors in Event Viewer, no Bug Check Code on the Event 41 in Event Viewer. It just goes black and restarts. It could happen a few times a day, or not at all in a day, but then the next day it could happen again. It's very random. I'm on the latest BIOS too. Just like @AceToAced I'm also on a 3600 CL16 kit!
  3. I'm still struggling with this and banging my head against a wall. Does anyone have any idea which component might cause this? Should I just return and replace all of the new parts? I understand it's rare to be the CPU, so maybe just the motherboard, PSU, and RAM?
  4. Update: All 5 passes of Memtest 86 passed without error.
  5. As I stated above I am already running Memtest 86 and I'm on pass 4 currently with no errors. Should I also run the Windows Memory Diagnostic once that's done? I have Memtest 86 set to run 5 passes.
  6. Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I just built my first system using a mix of new parts and some that I had already. The system is occasionally restarting without any blue screen. Event viewer just shows the critical power event without any bug check codes or sleep in progress timestamps. The screen just goes black and then it reboots. This can occur when nothing is happening (idle) and under load. CPU temperatures during each of the three reboots that have happened thus far have been 65, 71, and 48. I've also ensured that the CPU cooler is mounted tightly and securely and I believe it's good because Prime95 temperatures don't exceed 88 C. Regular loads don't exceed 78 C. The Windows installation is fresh as well and I've installed all chipset drivers and updated the BIOS to the latest revision. As a starting point I'm running Memtest 86 but so far no problems have been found and I'm on the 4th pass. My gut says it's the power supply, but I really don't know. Here's my system specs: Old parts: - EVGA GTX 1060 3GB - Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD (non-M.2. Data drive) - PNY 250 GB SSD (non-M.2. This is the boot drive. Windows freshly installed from scratch) New Parts: - Ryzen 5 3600 @ stock with stock cooler - 32 GB G. Skill Ripjaws 3600MHz C16 (2 DIMMS populated in slots 2 and 4 per the motherboard instructions. Profile enabled in BIOS) - ASRock B550M Pro4 - NZXT C750 80+ Gold PSU - Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L OS: - Windows 10 Pro 1909