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  1. Hi Guys, DISCLAIMER: TL;DR - if you want to have an overview on the issue, please feel free to read. If not, you can skip to the end for the questions. I am fairly new to the topic of RAID and I have been asked if I can help with the topic I am going to address below. Now, I am asking you guys if you can give a helping hand regarding this: A Dell Poweredge r320 (4 bays) has at this very moment 2 hdds of 1 TB each, running in RAID 1. The issue is that those hdds are almost full - storage capacity runs out. Those hdds contain 2 partitions: C for the OS (Windows Server 2012) and E for Data Storage. My idea was to add 2 more hdds of 2TBs each and to form another RAID 1 with those, thus now having, in theory at least, 2 RAID 1 configurations co-existing on the server. This approach was thought about because we do not want to lose data in the process of reconfiguration of the RAID. If this approach is possible, we can then move the data we have on partition E from the first disk onto the second disk (2TB RAID 1), format the partition and extend the C at 1TB. I know my explanation may seem too overly complicated, but I wanted to be specific. Now, the questions are: 1. Is it possible to have 2 RAID 1s at the same time on this Dell Poweredge r320? And if the answer is yes, 2. Can I configure the second RAID 1 without interfering with the first one, thus avoiding losing data that we do not want to lose? Thank you very much in advance!