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  1. With Battlefield 1 on ultra it runs at 70fps steady and it uses 80 - 100% of gpu and 40% ish cpu
  2. This is to answer everyone: my mobo doesn't even have a video output xd My Displayport cable is coming from my gpu to my monitor
  3. I built my new pc a couple weeks ago and I have been running into an unusual problem and i just can't fix it. I need help. When i launch cs go after i just restarted the pc it runs smotthly at 200+ fps, however 20 seconds or so after i join a match the game gets really choppy and slow with 20-40 fps max. The thing is that if isnt thermal throttling because ive been looking at the temps, but the cpu and gpu run at 2 - 20% at all times. The cpu and gpu are running at 30 -50 C at all times, never getting higher. I have a similar issue on League; it runs at 20-40 fps but my graphics card is running at 2% usage and cpu at like 20%. I have tried everything, I have reinstalled windows (although with the custom installation in which it doesn't delete your files). I know the gpu and cpu are not foulty, cause when i run fur mark and cpu burner ther do work and they use 100% performance on task manager. PC specs: Intel core i9900K Meg z390 Ace 32 gigs of ddr4 EVGA RTX 2080 Super WD 1tb nvme Edit 1: There are some games that do run good and use 100% of gpu, for example Battlefield 1 runs at 70 ish fps on ultra at 2560 x 1440. Edit 2: Welp I tried everything but it didnt work so i nuked my os and did a clean install. It's working good now! Thanks everybody for the help and I hope you have a nice week!!