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  1. So... I've been thinking, what's the oldest capable hardware capable of editing 4K video? Because so far I believe even a 4th gen i7 paired with a good GPU, can still handle it.

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    2. TotallyNotGigabit


      Not just 4th gen desktop but mobile too. They're still capable imo. And I'm aware that dual MXM is possible, I've seen laptops with that capability.


      It's just that I've been looking for a system to do 4K 24fps on the move, and I've been piecing together a system to do that. So far, at least 4GB VRAM is enough for just splicing together 4K clips. The WX4150 I've tested, but it's not sufficient because of the fan control being the issue. Now I'm looking for an M2000M or M1200M for native fan control before I use it in the long run to have a better opinion of it.


      I currently use a Zbook 15 G2, btw. I didn't go 17 because of the backpack requirements.

    3. Phas3L0ck


      For a laptop, if you want something good, get either a K5100M or a 980M. Anything higher gets too expensive.

    4. TotallyNotGigabit


      I'm limited to MXM-A for this unit.