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  1. What is the general purpose of that pin. I got my Phantek Fan Splitter 4 Pin and one of the split got no 3rd pin, I check my motherboard manuel and it says that sense pin. Thanks for responding my post.
  2. Like what i said on my previous reply. I really don't have plan to buy any AMD product or wait for zen 3. Maybe on motherboard i can change my mind but on processor i can proudly say no i won't change my decision. I want to think outside of the box because i'm a AMD fanboy since high school that's why i want to try intel processor.
  3. Nice now that settles my plan. Intel i5 10600k and aus strix z490 g gaming wifi, matx. I'm going to buy this and for my gpu upgrade i'll just save money at least 3 months to buy rtx 3060 or 3078.
  4. Asus Strix Z490 G Gaming Wifi, mATX this one should be good right?
  5. Another question. Choosing a motherboard for this 10600k, what are those feature i should consider before i buy a mobo. Nice thanks. Now I can try this overclocking when i get my intel processor.
  6. ohh.... frick the reason why i don't to overclocked is because what if i mess up and i just broke my cpu. but from what you said it really helps me to gain much more if i choose to overclock. But if i overclocked it means i need to replace my cryorig r1 ultimate into AIO Liquid cooler right?
  7. yea the ryzen 4000 series looks promising but i don't really have plan to buy amd processor at this moment. what really bugs is why i5 10600k is better as it is 4.1-4.8 is popping off in terms of performance vs the Intel Core i7 10700 2.9-4.8. additional note i'm only using 1080p freesync monitor and i don't have or plan to use 1440p monitor, because i'm much more in frame rather than those fancy setting that wouldn't help me in any pvp or pve situation. And another note i don't want or like overclocking.
  8. Yup already did that and i figure out what is the mean of that red led light. But for now i'm thinking of switching proc. I just feel like i'm not happy on what amd gives in my system unit in terms of performance.
  9. I just watch some youtube vid and yea i5 is popping off in terms of performance. I want to upgrade my processor because i have this gut feeling my amd processor is about to die. My pc sometimes randomly turn off and after i turn on my pc there's a red led on my mobo. I did some troubleshooting like checking the PSU and changing thermal paste and it helps but there's a rarely time my pc just turn off out of nowhere.
  10. Budget (including currency): around $500 Country: Philippines Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mainly for games Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Ryzen 5 2600 MSI Gaming Plus B450 mobo 16 gig ddr 4 ram rx570 8 gig sapphire Cryorig R1 Ultimate. I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to rtx 2070 super but i decided to wait until december for rtx 3070. Is Intel Core i7 10700 2.9-4.8 ghz worth to get? I'm a AMD fanboy but i decided to try something new and before i buy intel processor, i want some juicy information about intel processor so i won't just throw money and regret my decision.
  11. Is it worth to wait the rtx30xx graphics card even i don't really have plan to upgrade/switch my 1080p freesync monitor that i just bought last month. Is rtx 2070 super or rtx 2080 super is a very nice upgrade for that kind of resolution.