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  1. Okay, I'll take a look at the Dark Rock 4, it looks and seems to perform really well, thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Hi there, I am planning to get a P400A Digital for my next new build, and I am just wondering what are some good air coolers that are better than the stock Ryzen 3700x cooler? I checked out the NH-D15 and the Dark Rock Pro 4 and apparently they don't fit according to PCPartPicker. Does anyone have this case with those two air coolers? If not, any other recommendations for some good air coolers that are quiet but work well. Also, if ram clearance matters, I am gonna be using the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. Thank you very much!
  3. Okay, I might end up going with the Viewsonic then. This will be my first 1440p monitor, currently have a 1080p TN panel, so I am sure it'll look amazing regardless haha. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi there, I just had a question regarding 1440p, 144hz monitors and whether it would be worth getting one over the other. So basically, I've heard good things about both the LG 27GL850-B and the ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27, and I am just wondering which one I should get for my first 1440p monitor. In terms of pricing here in Canada, the LG one would end up costing me $800 CAD after taxes while the Viewsonic one will end up being at $475 CAD. I am just wondering, is that jump in price justified for someone who mostly games and watches videos/movies? I currently have a 2080S and I am thinking of upgrading my 5 year old i7-5960x, MOBO, and RAM to a Ryzen 3700X setup (I've been noticing a lot of bottleneck at 1080p and lots of stuttering issues.), so I am just wondering if it's worth allocating that extra $300 to an $800 monitor, or just putting it towards better components for my PC, like maybe a Ryzen 5950X perhaps or an eventual upgrade of my GPU to a 3080. I am just stuck on what to do that would net me the most performance and whatnot haha. I'd appreciate the help, thank you very much!
  5. Okay, thanks for the information you guys, I appreciate it!
  6. Hi there, sorry for the question, I am pretty sure I am shit at finding info but I thought I might as well ask here. I am planning a Ryzen build and switching from my Intel build, and I am just wondering. I was looking at the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk and the ROG Strix B550-F Gaming MOBOs, and I was just wondering, will those two be compatible with Zen 3 CPUs out of the box? And if not, what would I have to do to make them compatible? Sorry for the dumb question! But thanks for the help: ) EDIT: NEVERMIND, FOUND MY ANSWER, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU!!
  7. Haha, no worries. I should've mentioned it's been a long-time problem, my bad! And okay, I'll try out DSR and see how it is in terms of performance, thanks for the tip! I guess if I can't find a fix for this issue, I might just fully upgrade like I've been wanting to, kinda sucks but I guess most of my stuff is like 5 years old now, other than my GPU, it's probably about time to upgrade.
  8. Also @Bad5ector, would 2133 MHz RAM be an issue? Could that low frequency be causing the stuttering at all? Just thought I'd let you know since I am not sure how much RAM affects performance in gaming.
  9. I've always had these stutter issues in some recent games unfortunately haha, I sorta just accepted it since I stopped gaming for a little while since I've been busy. But these past two months-ish, I've been wanting to game a bit more, so it's just more noticeable, and with Cyberpunk 2077 coming out in a month, I don't wanna deal with performance issues still, please understand. I've been wanting to build a new PC with Zen 3 since this issue has been super annoying, but if the 5960x is still fully capable, I was just gonna see if I can get a 3080 and a 1440p/144hz monitor, but not sure what performance would be like then at 1440p and if I would be getting more stuttering due to more bottlenecking. It's honestly so weird and I am not sure what the issue would be.
  10. @Bad5ector Okay, I switched Borderlands 3 to my SSD, and it's still having the same issue. Stuttering every few seconds and high CPU usage and like 5-10% GPU usage.
  11. Okay sure, I'll have to free up some space from my SSD, but I'll try it out and I'll let you know Thanks!
  12. Most of them are installed on an HDD. Would that affect performance heavily like in my situation?
  13. Yessir, I used DDU as well. I ended up doing a clean reinstall of Windows as well, basically formatted everything and started fresh, and still having stuttering issues haha. Honestly not sure what to do other than maybe upgrade to a newer gen CPU.
  14. Hi there, just had a quick question. I currently have an i7-5960x and a 2080Super and I play on 1080p, 144hz. I've been noticing a lot of stutters in recent triple a, single player games, and just generally low GPU usage. For example,in Borderlands 3, I usually get 100% CPU while super low GPU, and on Metro Exodus, I get like 50-60% CPU and like 5-10% GPU usage, and in Death Stranding, it's usually always 100% CPU usage. Hell, even on Doom Eternal, one of the best optimized games apparently, I get lots of stuttering, like every 30 seconds or whatever if I move around. And even when I lower my graphics quality to super low, it still stutters, and sometimes I get no actual performance increase, still stays around the same FPS regardless of quality settings. I am just wondering, is it worth upgrading my CPU? I've been thinking of building a new Ryzen build, so I'd have to setup an entirely new system and reuse my GPU and PSU. Or, should I upgrade my monitor to 1440p/144hz and upgrade my GPU to a 3080 if I can find one? Would that lower the bottleneck at all at a higher resolution? I am just tired of stuttering in most of my non-esport titles haha.
  15. Okay yeah, I'll definitely wait for zen 3! Thanks for the build, I'll take a look : )