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  1. Can I overclock a 10700k to 5 ghz with a 3080 and a 750w 80+ gold corsair rmx psu
  2. I could also get a 3600 or 2700x
  3. Ok then should I get a 3700x for the same price
  4. Also I am only gaming and streaming so I could get a 3700x or wait for 4th gen ryzen
  5. 10600k baseclock is 4.1 and base for non k is 3.3
  6. Will a b460 allow a 10600k to keep at base clock specifically the b460 mortar
  7. I don't want to waste over 1000
  8. How will I know it will be safe
  9. It uses a msi z390 a pro and a kraken m22 cooler
  10. Can I overclock a 9700k to 5ghz if not what is a good overclock
  11. It’s a 80+ bronze thermaltake smart bx1
  12. Would a 650w psu be good for 5700xt and 2700x that is water cooled by a cooler master aio
  13. My bad it’s for the build I have everything else