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  1. How do preorders work for Canada, I cannot seem to find an Nvidia Canada Page on the 30 series, is it worth looking on Amazon and Newegg on launch day?
  2. Lol, I just hope he's not Canadian like me, in that case most of these are gonna be more like $4000 builds.
  3. You should be able to get away with like 650 watts maybe even less (not that I would recommend it), basically any PSU should have the necessary connectors. If I were you I would probably aim for at least 750W so things are somewhat future proofed (you can still get some good deals).
  4. Kind like the 3900x for slightly more future proofed, I think the gaming performance difference should be fairly minor? I guess its kind of up to if you are just gaming or not (or even if you want to say stream).
  5. I mean you should probably go with Ryzen (I'd say the 3900x), and some 3200mhz ram, if your budget is $3000 32GB of ram seems very reasonable.
  6. It really *sounds* like something is not in order... Poor thermal paste application? Dusty radiator? Have you taken a look to see if there are any unexpected processes running? | What are your ambient temps?
  7. Having not tried to preorder in the past do we expect things to go live at 12:00 am or is it likely to be some *sane* time in the morning haha? Would you be able to get a preorder card shipped from Canada? Pre-order cards likely to go live on Amazon, NewEgg, Memory Express at that time too with the AIB partners? Sorry for all the Q's, have never tried to get a card at launch.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I now have both on my PC and they are giving me the same numbers so right now doesn't seem to make a huge difference, I've used HWiNFO in the past just because I am more familiar with it and it feels a bit more powerful to me. Thanks for the reply, I kind of had this in the back of my mind but the temps just seemed so low! Maybe I am missing something but wouldn't we expect the clock to automatically boost in a situation like this or is it no possible under an all core load? I feel kind of bad to be blessed with such a cool running CPU since I am not planning on doing any overclocking . . .
  9. Behavior seems the same, very odd not sure if anything here stands out to anyone! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. So I am at a loss, heres the situation: I have a relatively new build running 64 GB of ram at 3200 Mhz, a Aorus Pro Wifi ITX X570 Board, and a 3950x with an NH-U12A, I have not Overclocked at all and PBO is sitting at Auto, ambient temperature in my office is 19-20C. I have not de-lidded my CPU or used liquid metal or anything, I am using the stock thermal paste from the cooler (lame I know). 1) Since I am planning on swapping out the motherboard for a full ATX Board (want more PCI slots) I decided to do a little testing beforehand, I downloaded Prime-95 and I run Small FFTs on the CPU, Task Manager shows things maxed our on all threads and frequencies range from slightly below base to the high 3000's. This all feels like pretty normal behavior but, in HWInfo (looked at Ryzen Master too) my CPU (which idles in the 40s typically) is sitting at 58-62C at full load, now I did find that it I let things run long enough there would be the odd infrequent spike up to 70ish C but, still these temps seem too *low*? 2) My first thought was that maybe the temperature sensor is broken, however this does not seem to be the case, the computer is throwing off very little noticeable heat . . . I've built plenty of PC's that throw heat off like a space heater and this is just not doing it . . . 3) My next thought was to run some benchmarks to see if something is wrong with the CPU, a stress test could hypothetically still push a broken CPU to 100% load even though the CPU performance is not actually at the level it should be. However, when I run Geekbench 5 scores seem very reasonable (and temps again barely pass 60C) compared to what I am seeing online, I pulled up Cinebench R20 and had the same situation even after running the benchmark around 15 times in a row consecutively temps max out at 63-64C and scores are all in the mid 9000's. I know that it sounds stupid to complain about *low* temperatures, but I am very confused . . . the NH-U12A is good but, its not a D15 or a DRP4 temps seem too low and I am wondering if something is wrong or if I am just missing something completely. Anyone experienced something like this or have any ideas?