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  1. I know this might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if I can use the same TG-7 tube on another CPU 3 years after buying it. I’m curious because I heard these things expired and my new cpu came in, so I wondering if I can use the tube or would it be expired.
  2. I heard its used as a heat spreader, I didnt know. Would this have any effect on my ssd? I know this is dumb but I didnt know about this until a couple days ago.IF you were wondering what m2 ssd I have its the Crucial P1 3D NAND NVMe M.2
  3. I just got a Samsung 980 evo m2 ssd and I was wondering if I have to remove the cover before installing it. I see people installing it with it and without and im just overall confused. If you guys dont know what im talking about, Im talking about this cover
  4. No I havent but will it work with the certain gpu I have
  5. I installed my Sapphire 5600 xt pulse and it seems to work fine and run games really good, but I realized that theres no lights. The GPu is supposed to light up red when its running but its not. The fans spin and the graphics card is detecting and working. What do you think can be the problem? Maybe a poor powersupply or the gpu came with broekn LEDS. The power supply I have is a EVGA 600 Br 80+ bronze.
  6. I made a mistake when building my pc. I mounted the motherboard without standoffs to the case. I used the computer twice and it was running smoothly. Two days later, I helped my brother install his new hard drive to his computer while he was out of town and I realized when looking at his PC that his motherboard is mounted with standoffs. I googled it and it says that motherboards should be mounted with standoffs to prevent shortages and other problems. When I heard about this I dissembled my motherboard and remounted it with standoffs. The computer is still running smoothly, but I was wondering if there a way to check If I did damaged it, do you guys think the motherboard is messed up? What are some signs that my motherboard is bad and can I check if the components are running smoothly. Note Added: Motherboard Type: MSI Tomohawk B450 MAX Case:H510 Black (Its made out of steel)