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  1. More room for error. Thermal paste dried up, just in general an older card
  2. Do you think it's more risky to buy an older 1080 over the newer 2060.
  3. So I'm building a computer and due to the prices of gpu's where I am right now I've opted for the used market. I'm looking at a evga rtx 2060 ko ultra that's 5 months old ..... As well as a 1 year old gtx 1080 evga ftw. Both are 350 I know both are similar in performance but I can't seem to decide. Can anyone help me out
  4. so my friend wants to build a separate streaming pc to stream 1080p 60 fps from there ps4. im not really sure how demanding streaming itself really is . would a lower end system like a Ryzen 3 3100 and a gtx 1650 be able to handle 1080p 60fps
  5. I was going to do an amd build but sadly I believe the only ryzen cpu available to me is a r7 3800xt but the i9 is going for 520$right now where as the ryzen 7 is going for 570
  6. Everthing in the build is on sale at memory express right now for 150-200$ off . Hes not looking to upgrade anything in the future and instead just wants a pc that's going to last a few years for his start up photography and editing business.
  7. I'm pretty sure premiere pro mainly for video editing
  8. So I'm building an editing pc for a friend. He has a 2000$budget and the computer will mainly be used for 1440p video and photo editing . As of right now we are doing an i9 9900k build with an rtx 2070 and 32 gb of 3200mhz ram. I'm wondering if we should wait for the rtx 3070 as it releases next month, the only reason I'm asking is that I can get an rtx 2070 for 450 cad right now on sale as they are cheap because of the 3070 and 3080 release while the rtx 3070 is going to be 660 cad . And as he is only doing 1440p is it even worth spending the extra money or should we save the money and out it towards a better monitor?
  9. Intake fan is as low as it can go ( around the height of the GPU) without blowing into the psu shroud
  10. My case has decent airflow it's the cooler master nr 400. I posted some pictures of the temps and gpu in an edit . Do you think it has something to do with how low my gpu sits in my case
  11. Hey guys so I recently put together a build just for desktop use and everyday use ( not for gaming ) . Anyways I bought a new rx 570 and all seemed well until I decided to test it with furmark . After starting the stress test my thermals shot up to 85 c in a matter of seconds and slowly keep climbing. I haven't got past 87 c yet as I'm scared of damaging the card. Is this normal for my card ( xfx rx 570) or is my thermal paste bad. I'm not sure can anyone help me out
  12. Alright thank you. That helps alot
  13. So I'm building my girlfriend a pc in a few days. Ryzen 5 3600 , rtx 2060 but when it comes to the ram I'm a little confused. I want to use 3200 speed ram but my motherboard says it supports stock 2666 ddr4 or overclocked 3200 ddr4. Does this mean I'm stuck with 2666 speed unless I go into the bios and overclock my ram or if I use 3200 speed will I be fine without any tinkering around? I'm using the TUF B450M-plus