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  1. sooo i want to make my pc harddrive like cloud stroge how can i i cant afford a server pls reply
  2. i am 14 years old i donk now about programming or coding can somen send some video links plssss
  3. so there is one thin called own cloud can somenn help me configure it how to use ftp in that actilly i want my computer harddrive as a persinol cloud stroage soo pls help me
  4. good morning guys i wanted a help i made a fpt server from file zilla i wanted it for accesing my files from far other contries only serious people pls answer thank u
  5. i mean yes but like 2 weeks thxxxxxxxx byeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. ok guys i gave it to immgration thanks for helping me ah i am reavlevd
  7. wtf its a visa card like creadit what are u alll sayin if it was a pass word i would giv to police of cours
  8. bro in this contry they will arest me ok i will just leave the card at the hotel or throw it in am dumpster truck or give it to a poor man good hahaha
  9. i am in saudi arab riyad now for vication
  10. or shall i destroy the card chip and trow it pertty easy right/?
  11. bro i am new here i came just now 10 mins how can i just go they will arest me iif i say it was in my bag they will think i stole his money and i am running from them
  12. llol i am new and i dont steal peoples money ahhahah
  13. wait i will see thankssss moderatar pls say linus i am hissssssssssssssssssssssssss bigggggggggggggggggg fan